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Pre & Postnatal 

At STARR Clinic, we offer the best in therapeutic Prenatal and Postnatal Shiatsu Massage treatment.  Contact our Shiatsu Therapists today to discover for yourself, the bliss and benefits of prenatal massage.  Our therapists will help cope with the adjustments your body goes through Pre & Post pregnancy and ease discomfort. 

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Prenatal massage can help:

  • relieve muscle cramps, spasms and tension in the lower back, neck, hips and legs

  • reduce swelling by increasing and improving blood and lymph circulation

  • decrease muscle tension and joint pain

  • calm the nervous system and improve sleep

  • soothe tired and tense muscles

  • relieve anxiety and depression caused by hormonal changes

  • give the mother an overall sense of well being

During pregnancy, your body will go through significant transformation.  Our therapists are able to treat expecting mothers in a comfortable position that allows them to lay on their side or back(up until 21 weeks).  We recommend that the best time for the expectant mother to have a prenatal massage is after the first trimester.  Therapists will work on all of the areas that have been giving you pain, but they will avoid working for too long on the areas near the heel and the ankle, because it is known that these areas are thought to be connected to the uterus.

Shiatsu massage can be incorporated into your routine prenatal care.  Always consult your midwife or health care provider before beginning any new therapeutic practice.

Postnatal massage can help:

  • relieve back, shoulder, wrist, neck, forearm pain from nursing and carrying their babies for a long period of time 

  • reduce muscular tension and fatigue

  • relax muscles strained during labor or infant care

  • reduce stress caused by unbalanced hormones

  • lift post-partum depression

  • decrease swelling by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage 

  • promote relaxation and assist with sleep

Shiatsu Massage therapy can help ease women from pregnancy to motherhood by offering both physical and emotional boosts. 

Couples massage service for mothers and fathers:

We also offer couples massage for mothers & fathers to relieve back, shoulder, wrist,

neck, forearm pain from carrying their babies for a long period of time and to promote

relaxation and assist with sleep from all the sleepless nights.

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