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Gift Certificate

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Thank You! With so many healthy benefits, STARR Clinic Gift Certificate is a great idea for any occasion.  A Shiatsu massage is a great way to show someone how much you care. Give the gift of Affordable Luxury to your loved one today.



ご家族やお友達の為に、オンラインで前払いご希望の方は 問い合わせ 下さい!

What to expect when redeeming Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash value and cannot be returned for a cash refund.

  • Gift certificate purchases may not be claimed against any private or provincial health care plans for reimbursement.

  • Gift Certificates must only be redeemed at STARR Clinic for the amount and time, full dollar value and/or service specified on the Gift Certificate by the expiration date indicated.

  • STARR Clinic requires that Gift Certificate recipients book the total time and value amount specified on the Gift Certificate when booking the massage appointment.

  • If the amount due exceeds the amount listed on the Gift Certificate, the redeemer is responsible for paying the difference at time of redemption.

  • For security purposes and the avoidance of identity theft, a recipient may be required to show valid ID before he or she can redeem the gift certificate in full.

Lost and replacement Gift Certificates
If the recipient of a STARR Clinic Gift Certificate should lose their Gift Certificate for any reason, it is not the responsibility of STARR Clinic to replace or recover the contents and/or value of the Gift Certificate.

Falsely acquired, and previously redeemed Gift Certificates
STARR Clinic reserves the right to refuse a Gift Certificate if they have reason to believe it was not originally purchased from STARR Clinic, has already been redeemed, or the redeemer falsely acquired or is otherwise not the intended recipient of the Gift Certificate.

Expiration date
Gift Certificates are not valid or redeemable after the expiration date indicated on the gift certificate. 

Prepaying with STARR Clinic, If the purchaser wishes to prepay for the recipient the day of the service we are happy to accommodate. If the purchaser decides to prepay for the service the day of and the recipient does not attend their scheduled appointment, there will be no refunds offered to the original purchaser.

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