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Please print out the new patient form and fill out prior to your first session.
New Client Intake Form
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Who can benefit from On site Shiatsu Therapy?

  • People with high-stress job, family demand, an active lifestyle or lack of exercise

  • Elders

  • Single parents

  • Mothers with newborns and toddlers

  • Caretakers

  • Corporate executives that are always on the go 

  • Corporate sponsors (for valued clients or employees)

  • Athletes (pre/post event sessions & workouts)

What To Expect During a Session?

  • You will be asked to fill out details of your health history at your first session (60 mins session).   You may print and fill out the New Client Intake Form beforehand and provide at the first session.

  • We will arrive at your location with our equipment 10-15 mins before your appointment time for set up.

  • Unlike other forms of massage, with shiatsu no massage oil is applied.

  • You will remain fully clothed during the session.  Suitable clothes for receiving Shiatsu are long sleeve shirts, comfortable pants (not jeans) and socks.​

  • Do not eat within 30 minutes of the start of your Shiatsu Session.

  • Please go to the washroom and empty your bladder before the Shiatsu session.

  • Please note that we do not provide treatment if you have been drinking or have high fever.

  • Treatments are typically done on either a massage table/chair or futon (depending on the space).

A regular maintenance program of Shiatsu is an excellent way to maintain wellness.  This schedule will vary for each person.  One Shiatsu session per month may work well to maintain balance for some.  But for others, a high-stress job, family demand, an active lifestyle, lack of exercise, or other factors may require Shiatsu sessions on a more regular basis.  

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