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At STARR Clinic, we strive to aid in improving the quality of life and overall health of our seniors.  Our philosophy is one of professionalism, sensitivity, and total commitment to each client.  To book an appointment with our therapist click here.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage for Elders:

  • improved blood and lymph circulation

  • faster healing

  • reduce aches and pain

  • decreased joints and muscular stiffness and relieves arthritis

  • increased flexibility and restore range of motion and flexibility

  • reduced anxiety, tension and stress

  • relief from depression

  • enhanced immune function

  • speed up of healing from injury and illness

  • relieves inflammation that may effect the joints

  • may prevent muscle deterioration, tendinitis, bursitis

  • aids various respiratory problems

  • breaks the isolation

  • allows the client to get in tune with their body

  • Improves sleep quality

Our therapists are dedicated in promoting health, wellness, relaxation and self care in the retirement community.

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