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Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness Services provides value to both employee and employers alike.  Increase employee engagement by showing them you care about their health.  Show client appreciation by offering corporate chair / table Massages to your valued customers while they are on site.  Executives who don't have time because of their busy schedules can use our services.

Great for lunch-hours, staff appreciation days, indulge a valued employee or reward the performance of that winning department. Surprise your staff with an afternoon or full day, or schedule recurring weekly/monthly appointments.  Your guests and staff will love the chance to relax and appreciate your concern for their well being.  Suddenly, Mondays won’t seem so tough.


Contact us and we will customize a program for you.

Employee Benefits:

  • reduce stress/fatigue

  • increase circulation of blood and lymph

  • reduce blood pressure & muscle stiffness

  • increase vitality, stamina and energy

Employer Benefits:

  • lower overall health costs

  • reduce absenteeism

  • reduce staff turnover

  • increase staff productivity

  • improve staff morale

  • reduce workers compensation claims

No matter how talented your employees are, no one can deliver at a high level when they are distracted by pain.

Stress and job related injuries cost North American companies an estimated 200 Billion dollars a year, in lost productivity.

What better solution than massage, right at work, to relieve the headaches and backaches plaguing so many of your employees.

Your investment is minimal. The results, immediate.  In as little as 15-20 minutes per client, a chair / table massage session can provide comfort and clarity.

At STARR Clinic that is what we call – well being at work.

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