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At STARR Clinic, our focus is on delivering the highest quality of care by providing customized Shiatsu treatments uniquely tailored to each client's needs to help you achieve your optimum wellness and quality of life.  We strive to assist you on the road to recovery or on the path to prevention.  Our therapists believe in partnering with our clients, in regards to their particular condition, and endeavor to give the time to impart useful and up to date information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our goal is to obtain optimal health, improving the quality of life and fitness through professional and specific treatment care.  We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere while emphasizing high quality care.

We specialize in onsite delivery of our sessions to clients.  Onsite treatments are becoming more popular than ever because of the increased convenience and decreased demand on your time to book, travel, parking, etc.

Please check the Hours of operation for our Mobile treatments.

For more information on our services, please visit Our Services & Treatments page.


“Jen is the BEST, and irreplaceable.  She is friendly and professional.  She helped with my recovery from a car accident and with ongoing pain related to my pregnancies.  No matter how bad I was feeling she could always make me feel better.”

     N. Donovan

“My sessions with Jen are a god-send.  She has a great passion for her job and continues to amaze me with her excitement to make a difference and help people.  Thanks Jen!”



“I have been seeing

Jennifer on a regular basis

for over a year.  She has helped me with my pregnancy-related back pain, and a shoulder issue since then.  She has a very good understanding of anatomy and uses that knowledge to target very specific areas.”

      Y. Johnson

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